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Wild Witches Video Slot

Wild Witches is a new video slot brought to you by Mr Green Casino. Free spins, scatters and not 1 but 2 wild symbols!
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Incredible Hulk Slot Game - Playtech Slot

Incredible Hulk Slot is No Longer available at Online Casinos

A Marvel slot game based on the story of the comic hero the Incredible Hulk.Symbols depict the well known Hulk story, transforming from Bruce Banner, the former nuclear physicist into the green huge Incredible Hulk. As the Hulk, he has almost limitless strength, both in inflicting damage and also in resisting damage against himself.

Incredible Hulk Slot boasts some excellent video slot animated graphics when you hit certain winning combinations. Hear and see the Hulk roar as well smashing his logo and other great sound and visual effects.Really fun game and well worth playing.9 Paylines

  • 5 Reels 
  • 10000 coins Jackpots
  • Bonus  
  • Scatters               
  • Wild Symbols    

Main Screenshot of Incredible Hulk Slot

Incredible Hulk Slot Screenshot

Screenshot of Incredible Hulk Bonus Feature

Incredible Hulk Bonus Screen


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Last Updated 6 January 2019
Incredible Hulk Slot Game - Playtech Slot