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Elektra Slot Game

Elektra is a slot game based on the popular Marvel Superhero, with 5 reels 20 lines, not to mention the huge jackpots, free spins and amazing bonus features.

Play Elektra at: Titan Casino



Slot machine myths and tips

Slot machines feature negative EV. The house edge is the one responsible for this EV, but the fact that you won’t ever be able to turn it around, doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to sweeten the odds a little.

It is advisable for you to become a member of the casino’s slot club and always carry your slot club card with you.  You will earn rebates on the money that you wager, which is similar to rakeback in Poker.

Forget about all the superstitions you may have heard about slots.  There are many urban legends surrounding the one armed bandit and none of them carry any sort of validity what so ever.  If you change your slots strategy based on these myths, your losses will sky-rocket.

Here are a few examples of some slots myths:-

Slot machines present results according to an intricate yet pre-determined pattern which can actually be tracked through careful study.

This myth is absolute nonsense as both online and land based casinos use a random number generator (RNG) to get their results, and there is no pre-determined spin sequences and results.  Should you get up from your slot machine, and the player who sits down right after you hits the jackpot on his first spin, it will be a natural reaction of frustration for you, but even if you had you stayed just a little longer at the machine, you probably wouldn’t have hit the jackpot.

You would have needed to pull the lever in the exact same fraction of the second as the other guy did which is quite impossible to achieve.  Do not get upset as he did not walk away with your jackpot, that was entirely his own doing.  A slot machine which hasn’t given away a jackpot in a certain number of days, is just about ready to start awarding some winnings.

Unfortunately, as good as this one sounds, it still doesn’t hold water. The RNG which determines whether or not the machine gives away a prize makes each and every spin independent from the previous ones.  In a word, the machine doesn’t track how long it went “scoreless” therefore it happens randomly, and there is no pattern.

Another myth is that once a slot machine has just paid out a huge sum of cash, it will not pay out again in a while.  Also, slot machines have a better chance of paying out if a single coin is played, is also a myth as the RNG that generates the spin results is not linked to the mechanism where the money enters the slot machine, thus it has no way of telling the number of coins a player put into the machine.

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Butterflies Slot

Butterflies Slot is a new 25 payline, 5 reel slot from Vegas Technology with fairytale graphics. The Butterfly Feature is triggered when the House Symbol appears on reel 1. A Butterfly will fly across the reels and randomly change symbols into the wild house, which substitutes for all other symbols except the scattered Flower.
Play Butterflies Slot at
Party Casino




 Lastly, There is a misconception that online slots are for low rollers only.
Read our article which tells you why online slots aren't for low rollers only.


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