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Wild Witches Video Slot

Wild Witches is a new video slot brought to you by Mr Green Casino. Free spins, scatters and not 1 but 2 wild symbols!
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Iron Man Slot

NB Iron Man Slot is No Longer available at any Online Casinos

Iron Man Slot LogoThis is a video slot game based on the Marvel comic character Iron Man. Its a later edition to the very popular range of Marvel slots.You can play from as little as 1 cent per coin up to $5 per payline.

The Iron Man is a man named Tony Stark inside a powered armor that gives him superhuman strength, virtual invulnerability, the power of flight, and various weaponry powers. Due to a virus he can also lose entire limbs and have them grow back by simply eating and drinking.He was born with a regenerative virus which had the effect of making his whole body part of his brain.

The Iron Man is a genius inventor, so we see Blueprints and his business Stark Enterprises in the symbols. However it causes him severe pain whenever anything comes in contact with his skin which is why he wears the Iron Man armour.

he found alcohol was the only thing that helped the pain but that is caused its own problems, hence the glass of spirit in the game symbols.The game features some top quality video animation effects when you hit some winning combinations and captures the Iron Man story perfectly.

  • 25 Paylines
  • 5 Reels
  • 6000 coin Jackpot
  • Bonus
  • Scatters
  • Wild Symbols

Iron Man Slot Main Screenshot

Iron Man Slot Screenshot

Iron Man Payout Screen

Iron Man Payout Screen


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Last Updated 6 January 2019
Iron Man Slot - Cryptologic Slot