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Persistence is key in Poker

If there is one sure fire way to kill a fledgling poker career before it has even had chance to extend its wingspan, it is to possess a lack of persistence in online poker games.

Interview any of the world’s top players and they have one thing in common: they all won money early in their careers. 

The well-timed creation of a bankroll, combined with the confidence of winning a major poker tournament; all the ingredients one needs to become a successful poker player.

But what about the masses of people who continue to fail in the eyes of adversity? Where are they? 

How many truly great players has the game allowed to slip through its fingers because they did not have one of the vital components necessary for a lifetime of success: persistence.

Andy Frankenberger, Erik Seidel, and Martins Adeniya are just three of a host of top players who have transferred their skills on the trading floor for the felt of poker.

People say that there are a lot of similarities in the two worlds, but one thing that is different is the start of the game.

Interview the top traders and ask them how their lives started and you will hear a different tale. 

The top traders of the world normally start out with a familiar yo-yo formula. They start with a whooping high, followed by the crushing low and the rope snapping in their fingers.

Traders are used to dealing with early failure but it is the very best of them that use persistence to create impressive long-term results: the complete opposite of online poker.
Maybe this is why so many of them make the transition so well. Persistence truly is the key to success.


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Last Updated 24 March 2015
Persistence is key in Poker